3.5 mile run (10:00 pace)

My knees were hurting from my long run the day before, so I ran on trails in the park. I felt good after pushing through the first mile and was able to put on some bursts of speed. I could feel some minor pain in my knees, but didn’t think much of it.

However, that night my knees were really hurting. I had to limp up and down stairs. I had speedwork scheduled for Tuesday and struggled with whether or not to take an extra rest day.


90 minutes of Anasura yoga

I made the decision to take the day off. It was a hard decision to make, but it was definitely for the best. My knees started feeling better today, but I took it easy with running. I did do some extremely difficult yoga that including lots of flexibility and core work. Looking back, I’m glad I did this – the yoga work included lots of strengthening and was a much better use of my time than running, which could have possibly turned my slight knee pain into an actual injury.


3 miles on elliptical

It was pouring rain all day, so I decided to take my scheduled easy 3 mile run to the gym and did the elliptical just to give my knees some extra rest. I got an okay cardio workout from this, but my body is so used to the elliptical that it doesn’t do much for me anymore. It was a nice break for my knees though!


4 mile pace run (9:10 pace)

I ran today with NO knee pain at all and had a great run. I’m so glad I took some extra rest. I really pushed myself pace-wise today, in lieu of doing speed work this week. It was definitely hard, but such a good hard. I was really proud to see my pace at the end, because it’s close to my all-out pace for a 5-K in high school; I’m getting faster!


Rest day

I had class/lab 10-3 today and an event for Phi Tau at 8, so I decided to just take it easy and rest in between. It was also a scheduled rest day. I didn’t feel any pain from Thursday’s run, just normal soreness.


60 minutes of Anasura yoga

3 mile run (10:00 pace)

I did the tough class I did on Tuesday again, and again it was a workout! Yoga always makes me feel great afterward, and this was no exception. Later, I went for a short run through park trails.


Rest day! I’m a little sore from yoga/running yesterday – a good sore though! I’m going to take it easy today and then hopefully back to my normal plan for next week:

Monday: 3.5 mile run
Tuesday: 35 minute tempo run
Wednesday: 3 mile run
Thursday: Rest day (yoga)
Friday: 3 mile run
Saturday: 7 mile long run
Sunday: Rest day (yoga)

What I learned this week:

  • It is better to err on the side of caution, listen to my body, and take an extra rest day rather than run through pain and risk injury.
  • Yoga can give me a great workout – and I feel great after doing it. It also helps with stress and is a good option if I am sore or need an extra rest day.
  • I am able to push myself. It hurts, but the rewards are so worth it.
  • Just because I don’t feel 100% on a run one day doesn’t mean I am “losing fitness”; I have to remember the good runs I’ve had in the past week too.

I’m ready to take on Week 4!


Have a great Sunday!


Good evening! And I mean that – my lab only lasted one hour, so I had an unexpected extra three hours in my day! I did the most productive things I could, of course: eat, read, and blog.

The rest of today’s eats included a GM I made in a rush right before lab. It contained 1 banana, 1/2 c strawberries, 3 cups spinach, and a little over a cup of soy milk. For dinner after lab, I had my vegan pasta dish with chocolate coconut milk ice cream and a gluten-free cookie for dessert!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to stop at the Farmer’s Market today. This means that I’ll actually have to go buy my kale at the store! Boo. I snuck in my workout at 4 today, a quick 3 miles on the elliptical. Boy am I sore from yoga yesterday! I’m going to do the video once more this week, but I have to wait until I can move my arms again πŸ˜€


Tonight I want to talk about something that I don’t give enough thought to: arch support in my casual, non-workout shoes. Truth be told, I am a terrible example. During the day, I’m either wearing flat flip-flops or a pair of Converse – neither of which has any arch support at all. If it’s important to have arch support when we’re running, it just makes sense that it would be important the other 90% of the day too! I know that walking around in flat-soled shoes contributed to my shin splints a couple of years ago, and here I am today, wearing the same kinds of shoes!

But the problem with a word like “arch-support sandals” is that it does not sound all that attractive. I may be superficial, but I would prefer to wear a sleek black sandal than some clunky “arch-support” shoe with canvas straps all over the place.

Luckily, I don’t have to choose between fashion and good-for-my-body shoes! Here are a few pairs that not only support your lovely legs and feet, but are also quite stylish πŸ™‚


Archy Zebra by Moszkito


Senise by Merrel.


Lusaka by Born


Stunning by Earth (I also like a lot of their other shoes – very stylish! And supposedly they “burn calories with every step” – like April said, “I don’t know if these sandals really work but I wear them everywhere just in case!” πŸ˜‰ )



Julia by Think!

Now I have to go about ordering myself a pair! I’ll let you know what I decide!


My dad and I outside the Notre Dame at sunset in Paris this past March

My dad and I outside the Notre Dame at sunset in Paris this past March

Ouch! My legs are SORE. I went for a great run today through the park trails, about 3.5 miles, but my knees are hurting a bit now. I have a speed work day on the track scheduled for tomorrow, but unless I feel miraculously better, I think that I’m going to have to push that back and do yoga/cross-train a bit on the elliptical tomorrow instead. My body is speaking, and I’m going to listen to it!


Run Stats:

Duration: 35:58
Distance: about 3.5 miles

I felt a little sore the first mile, but after that I felt great – I made sure to walk down any steep downhills and mostly avoided hills to protect my knees, but I pushed myself on the second half of the run and it felt really good to fly along the trail like that!

When I got back from my run, I was starving. I was going to try my new Gardenburgers tonight, but instead made a quick go-to meal of mine: a pita spread with pb, topped with a sliced banana, and folded in half. I had a gala apple on the side. Not long after that, I made some dessert: one tofutti cutie (peanut butter flavor) with one tablespoon of White Chocolate Wonder PB. Today’s snacks were a Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar before lunch (delicious! Will be buying this again!) and a mini ClifBar around 9 p.m.




I was planning on re-capping last week’s half-marathon training, but I feel like talking about rest days and listening to your body instead. The first paragraph of this post sounds very positive, like it is easy for me to take a rest day. Well, it sure isn’t! Even now, I am second-guessing myself about it.

One side of me thinks that I’ll be fine, it’s just soreness, I just need to push through the pain! I’ll get my speed work day out of the way, and then I have a shorter run Wednesday and a scheduled rest day on Thursday. I can make it until then! I already made one change to my running plan last week/this week, and I really shouldn’t screw around with it any further!

The other side of me has these facts.

1. My knees hurt. The pain isn’t terrible, but it’s bad enough that I have to limp a bit to go down stairs.

2. Running repeats around a track with knee pain is not going to help with my training. I am at my best for training when I do not feel pain. It is okay to feel sore, and I do feel sore – but not pain, which is what I am feeling in my knees today. Running speed work with pain could make this minor pain, which will probably go away if I just take a rest day, turn into something more serious and lead to taking more time off than just one rest day. It could even turn into an injury that would prevent me from running my marathon!

3. I talked with a friend who lives in my house who pushed herself too much running and didn’t take enough rest days. She now has chronic knee pain and has to be very careful about her running. I love that I don’t have any recurring running injuries and I would like to keep it that way.

4. No training plan is set in stone. I found my training plan online. It is a good plan for the average intermediate runner. However, it is not Lindsay-specific; it was not designed especially for me, so how in the world could it be the perfect plan for me that I absolutely must follow? Reason: it’s not! Adapting the plan to suit my own needs and my own body will not be harmful; it will be helpful! As long as I use the plan as a general guideline, which I am, I will be ready for my half-marathon.

Obviously the logical thing to do is to take a rest day. It is the perfectionist in me telling me to stick to the schedule, to push through the pain! But tonight, I’m not going to listen.

I’m going to make a commitment not to run my speed work tomorrow.

Instead, I will cross train on the elliptical and do a yoga video. I will tentatively adapt my plan for this week to:

Tuesday: cross train, yoga
Wednesday: 3 m easy run
Thursday: 6×400 at 5-k pace
Friday: cross train, yoga
Saturday: 4-6 mile run

I am a bit anxious about this, but I’m sure that it is the right thing to do, and I will just have to stick out the anxiety! I’ll update tomorrow on how it’s going πŸ™‚

Good night everyone!


After class, I walked to the post office to check my mail, and guess what arrived? I’ll give you a hint: as soon as I opened it, I immediately made a smoothie!

kitchen aid

That’s right, my new blender! We have two cheap ones in the house I live in, but they get abused often and aren’t for the serious Green Monster making that I have in mind! πŸ˜€ I couldn’t get it open and washed out fast enough before I was throwing in ingredients

Lunch-time smoothie:

  • 6 frozen strawberries
  • 1 kale leaf
  • 2 c baby spinach
  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 c soy milk
  • 1 Flax Pak (to be reviewed soon!)
  • 8 ice cubes
With a July-4th-themed straw from a package that my mom sent me!

With a July-4th-themed straw from a package that my mom sent me!

The rest of lunch consisted of a plate of carrots and Mary’s Gone crackers with a scoop of almond butter and 2 tablespoons of garlic hummus for dipping, with a cup of cantaloupe on the side.



I didn’t get back from classes until 2 p.m., so I was hungry and ate my lunch right up. I’m still deciding what I’m going to do for exercise today. I have a 3.5 mile run scheduled for my half-marathon training, but my knees and legs are pretty sore from yesterday’s run, so I’m thinking that I will either run on a very soft surface (park trails) or do some cross-training on the elliptical, especially since I have a speedwork day tomorrow.


Truly “Calci-YUM”

While talking with my new nutritionist about calcium intake, she said, “I have the greatest calcium supplement that will make sure you never miss a dose!” and pulled out this bag:


Now, I have tried Viactiv and assumed that this would be similar – some fake chocolate, powdery tasting chew. I’d rather just swallow a pill! I reached in to pull out a dark chocolate “disk” and was surprised – it actually looked like a piece of chocolate!


I still wasn’t convinced. Sure, it might look like a piece of chocolate, but I’ve learned, especially from Green Monsters, that you should never judge taste by appearance! I flipped over the package and saw that for one disk, I would get 30 calories, 2 grams of fat, 100 IU of Vitamin D, 40 mcg of Vitamin K, and 500 mg of Calcium. Now, I was pretty impressed by those stats, so I decided to give it a nibble…



YUM!! It tastes just like my Green & Black’s dark chocolate bar that I have a few squares of after dinner! I am picky about dark chocolate, and I give this 4.5/5 stars for chocolate, and 5/5 stars for a supplement! These are made by Adora and can be found at selected stores including Whole Foods and GNC. They also make a milk chocolate disk.

Because the body can only absorb so much calcium at one time, it is important to stay aware of when you are taking calcium supplements. For example, after my meal from last night (tofu, broccoli, pasta, cheese) would not be a good time to take a supplement because my meal was fairly high in calcium, so my body wouldn’t be able to absorb the extra calcium from the supplement. A good time to take these might be with an afternoon snack or an evening dessert. I’m putting them on my list to pick up next time I go to the Co-op!

See you tonight for my Week 2 Half-Marathon training re-cap πŸ™‚


First, the results of grocery shopping Sunday: (I love going to the grocery store – it’s one of my favorite things to do. Is that sad? πŸ˜‰ )

grocery goods

First I tried a Co-op that just opened in Lyme, NH. It was nice, but wasn’t big enough to have the variety I was looking for (plus I couldn’t find my coconut milk ice cream – big problem!). So I just went to my trusty Hanover Co-op.


  • Organic WestSoy Lite Plain (I go through one of these every two days!)
  • Once Again Organic Peanut Butter (I can see in the picture that I accidentally bought crunchy…so *NEW*)
  • Once Again Organic Almond Butter
  • WestSoy Pre-Marinated Tofu: Italian Garlic & Herb flavor
  • Pavich Organic Jumbo Raisins (to have with cereal!)
  • Flax Paks *NEW*
  • Purely Decadent Coconut Milk Ice Cream (chocolate flavor)


  • Olivia’s Organic Baby Spinach
  • SoySation “Mozzarella Cheese”
  • Gardenburger GardenVegan Burgers *NEW*


  • Pineapple
  • Organic Carrots
  • What are those in the back left? You’ll have to wait and see!


Running and Hydration

As I’m sure we all know, it is so important to be hydrated when we run (or do any sort of exercise!). Two main ways we lose water are through breathing and sweating, which means that we lose more water during exercise (faster breathing, more sweating)

For 3 mile runs, it’s a breeze – chug a glass of water a little while before you leave, have a glass or two when you get back. However, for longer runs, this presents a problem. Going 60+ minutes without water can dehydrate the body, impacting running performance and causing symptoms such as increased fatigue, lightheadedness, and muscle cramps. So, of course, this means we need to hydrate not only after, but during our long runs!

Different Ways to Hydrate ($-$$$)

1. ($) Run repeats of a short route close to your home, for example three repeats of a three mile loop. Each time you pass your house, gulp down 4 – 8 oz. of water. An easy way to do this is to leave your water bottle in your mailbox!

2. ($$) Hand-held bottles like the Amphipod Hydraform provide a simple way to get in your H20, but may be cumbersome. I remember the time I ran with my regular iPod and had to hold it in one of my hands the entire way – all I wanted was to be done with my run so I didn’t have to hold it anymore! Also, carrying something in your hand can alter your running form, especially if you always hold it in the same hand.


3. ($-$$$) Water Belts fit around your waist and can hold anywhere from 1-4 bottles of water. Most of the ones I’ve seen have small zipper pockets to store an ID, a small cell phone, or gels. One downside of water belts is the excess weight, however this should not severely affect your running form. Also, some water belts can bounce up and down irritatingly. This Waterboy Aid Station by Brooks ($) has an elastic band designed to prevent this:


I also like the Delaney by Camelbak ($$$):


4. ($$ – $$$) Backpacks can hold a lot of water (1.5 – 3L) and have tubes that provide an easy access to water without having to pause or stop your run. They are generally more expensive than other methods of hydration, so make sure the one you buy has a comfortable fit. Improper fits can cause bouncing (imagine if you wore an incorrectly fitting sports bra!) and pain in the back and shoulders. Look for a snug fit and remember that it will be a lot heavier filled with water! Almost all have pockets for ID/gels. The Camelbak Annadel ($$) is designed especially for women and holds 1.5 L of fluid.


Personally, I think I’m going to try a water belt first. My long runs for the next few months will range from 6-12 miles, so I think a water belt should be able to carry an adequate amount of water for that. I will let you know which one I decide on



See you tonight for:

1. What was that in the corner of my grocery goods? πŸ˜‰

2. Easy-peasy-yummy-vegan PASTA!