It’s getting late, and I’m going to bed early because I have a final to take at 8 a.m. tomorrow! It’s for French, so donnez-moi la bonne chance!

After my post-workout smoothie (I can already feel the soreness in my arm muscles from the workout, btw 🙂 ), I was still a little hungry so I popped 3 dark-chocolate-covered almonds. I love these for a snack because just a few give me such a boost of energy – I don’t know if it’s mental or physical, but either way it’s great. And how can you go wrong with dark chocolate (antioxidants!) and almonds (healthy fats!)?

I had lunch around 2 p.m. – tofu, broccoli, and black bean stir-fry with a slice of vegan molasses bread and an empire apple for “dessert”.



I’m usually a big fan of the tofu-broccoli stir-fry combo, and the black beans were an excellent addition. However, as you can see, today my stir-fry came out drowning in sauce, which took away from it’s awesomeness. Instead of just popping the yummy broccoli in my mouth, I had to shake it to get off the excess sauce, and towards the end got fed up with it and didn’t finish it all. But the bread and the apple were yum

I babysat from 3-6, which included an hour’s leisurely walk outside with the stroller in an attempt to calm him down a little bit – a rough day for the baby today, but he cheered up when we went down the slide.

Dinner on Thursdays is usually at Panera Bread. I usually stick to either the salad or the garden vegetable soup, but they didn’t have the soup today and I wasn’t in the mood for a giant salad, so I tried the You Pick Two: 1/2 classic café salad, 1/2 tomato and mozzarella panini, with a mac apple on the side.



The salad was good, as always – their balsamic vinaigrette is my favorite! I’d never had the panini before, so it was something new. It was quite good, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t “knock my socks off”. There was a lot of bread, and not enough yummy filling. I was expecting it to be more similar to the paninis I make myself: lots of spinach, lots of tomato, yummy mozz. I could definitely tell this was from a chain restaurant. Plus, when I looked up the nutritional info online, I found out that the half panini had 390 calories! Not that there’s anything wrong with that amount, but next time, I’d rather spend my calories on something I really enjoy.

I finished up my dinner with a piece of a whole grain chocolate chipper, which made up for the okay panini – these cookies are my favorite! They’re made in my favorite café on campus, but I think I need to try and figure out a similar recipe when I come home.


Later, when I was studying with some friends, I started to get hungry and had one packaged chocolate chip coconut cookie. Not the healthiest option, but it tasted good, and sometimes you just have to eat what makes you happy! I felt a little guilty about it at first, but really, what harm is a small cookie going to do? None!