I am training for the Maple Leaf Half-Marathon, which will be held on September 12 in Manchester, VT:

“The Maple Leaf will begin at the Manchester Parks and Recreation Center and snake its way along backcountry roads, over to route 7 and then back to the Recreation Center for the finish, a little over 13 miles. At the same time, there will be a 5-Kilometer run/walk for runners/walkers who aren’t up to the challenge of a half marathon. A celebration will be held with food and beverages, music and an awards ceremony immediately following the races. Any profits from the day’s events will go toward funding Manchester Lions’ charities in the Northshire.

I am following Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan:

Day 1: 3 mile run
Day 2: Rest (and move into my new dorm!)
Day 3: 10 minute warm-up, 5 x 400 m at 8:00 min./mile pace, 1/2 mile cool-down
Day 4: 3 mile run
Day 5: 3 mile run
Day 6: 5 mile run
Day 7: Rest
Day 8: 3 mile run
Day 9: 10 minute warm-up, (4 min tempo – 3 min recover – 2 min tempo – 1 min recover) x 2, 10 minute recovery
Day 10: 3 mile run
Day 11: REST!
Day 12: 3.5 mile hike
Day 13: Rest + 1 hour of gentle yoga
Day 14: 6 mile run
Day 15: 3.5 mile run
Day 16: 90 minutes Anasura yoga (challenging!)
Day 17: 3 miles elliptical (30 minutes)
Day 18: 4 mile pace run (9:10 min/mile)
Day 19:
Day 20:

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